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nothing teaches like the quality of sound

chavah messianic radio

This is a "messianic" Pandora that enables you to sample a range of artists and styles before making purchases to build your home collection.

musical selections from youTube

Sometimes entire albums are on YouTube, and can bring much pleasure to your home without costing anything.

cD recommendations

After many hours of research, and some trial and error, here are the fruits of our labor in the ongoing search for quality music that reinforces Hebrew lessons and inspires a love for the language and for God!

songs for teaching hebrew

There are quite a few songs on YouTube for reinforcing Hebrew lessons, but below is the best set of songs I have discovered yet. They are for biblical Hebrew, and the presentation of the information corresponds to the way we learned from Dr. Sailhamer’s Grammar of Biblical Hebrew, (and also closely with Allen Ross’s grammar Introducing Biblical Hebrew).

Abraham Schmueloff, (pictured at right) recorded the entire Hebrew Bible in Sephardic Hebrew, and the recordings have been posted online. The button above will take you to the Hebrew Bible files, and you will have the options to listen online, or download the recordings to your computer. We occasionally play these readings during chore or handiwork times. These listening times are helpful to familiarizing our ears to the general sound of Hebrew. A few times, we also carefully listened to Fr. Abraham’s pronunciation of specific words to help us when we were first learning to read and pronounce Hebrew.

man who recorded entire Hebrew bible

Fr. Abraham’s life provides very interesting reading, and I have given a link to his biography. Born into an ultra-conservative Jewish home in Israel, he eventually became a priest in the Catholic church, (with adventure in-between). Toward the end of his life, his passion for the Hebrew language caused him to begin, (and finish!) recording the entire TaNaK in Hebrew.